The History of the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Foundry & Engineering Industries Association

The Selangor Foundry Club was formed in 1935 to promote the understanding, the relationship of the well being of the profession. However, by the name of the association, it is not appropriate to represent the whole industry.


In order to fulfill the needs of the association, Selangor Foundry Club and its esteem members then strived to form the Selangor Chinese Foundry and Engineering Industry Association (SFEIA)


The Selangor foundry Club and SFEIA inaugural joint meeting in and form the body known as SFEIA.


The Federation of Malaysia Foundry & Engineering Industries Association was formed to promote the unity of the members. The association of the same nature in every state in the country was encouraged to come into the fold of the Federation (FOMFEIA) and urge to change their names in accordance with the Federation


It was resolved to delete the word "Chinese" and we adopted the name as Selangor Foundry and Engineering Industries Association. We welcome non-Chinese counterpart to become our members.


Annual General Meeting, the resolution was passed and we assumed the name "The Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Foundry & Engineering Industries Association" until today

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